Rebecca imgur
Skills Origin of Light
Blessing of Edel
Rank 6★ (Legend)

Rebecca is a 6★ Healer of the Armon Guards and the operator of Hello Hero.

Biography Edit

Oldest sister to Ophelia and Amelia and most devout in her faith. Her strong belief granted her healing skills that can't be matched by anyone.
— Recruit Book

Rebecca is the oldest sibling in the Eleman family, sister to Amelia and Ophelia. After the Jagar incident that ended up killing Schaken, Faust and Listic's parents, she quit her magic studies and began to devote her time to the preachings of Edel in order to perfect revival magic.

During the beginning tutorial, Rebecca is shown to have grown her magic to the point where she can help her allies (specifically, Sorceress Sally and Apollon) recover from knockout. After this, she requests Harold and the player to find Ophelia, who has disappeared into the Red Mushroom Forest.

After this, Rebecca periodically gives the player tips and notifications throughout the game. She doesn't appear in the main storyline again, but she is mentioned several times in the dialogue.

Skills Edit

  • Origin of Light (Cooldown: 54 sec.): Restores all allies' health by ___ (based on defense stat)
  • Blessing of Edel (Cooldown: 360 sec.): Revives all allies (recover with 30% health)

In the game Edit

Being the game's operator, Rebecca is one of the original heroes that were included in the game upon its Korean release in February 2013.

Like quite a few of her original-game kin, Rebecca was initially considered a low-tier character as her healing wasn't powerful enough and her revival skill only restored 10% health and would automatically activate if Auto mode was on even if only one ally had been knocked out.

Rebecca has received various buffs throughout the game's development, raising the recovery input of both her skills. Because her health recovery is fixed and not a percentage of health, she is useful in the Arena when all heroes have their health cut by 50%, meaning teams can make a huge comeback in a short time.

However, her status is still debatable since her healing isn't nearly as much as Monk Xuanzang's, and Blessing of Edel still triggers on Auto mode once one ally is knocked out.

Stats Edit

Level 30 Stats +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Attack Damage 239 262 286 310 334 358
Defense 184 202 220 239 257 276
Health 628 690 753 816 879 942
Dexterity 16 16 16 16 16 16