Here you can find links for every hero available in the game!

To face the most difficult enemies you will need always the best team, so always try to upgrade or to obtain higher-graded heroes!

Hero Ranks

Heroes of Hello Hero are divided in six grades: Normal, Rare, Master, Epic, Unique, Legend. Higher rank means more powerful heroes, with better stats and special skills.

Click the links below for all the heroes in that rank: asdasdasd

There is also a summary of all heroes and their stats and skills on this page.

Hero Classes

There are currently four classes available:

- Dealer

- Tank

- Hybrid

- Healer

For more info, see here.

Hero Sheet

Every character has unique features! You will find each features in "Heroes" tab. Let's see together how they are organized!

Title: The Name of the heroes, with current level and Upgrade Number

Max Level: maximum level available. Leveling up can be done with experience, while fighting enemies during campaign.
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Att Damage: Base damage of the Hero.

Defense: Base damage taken reduced and increases amount the Hero heals for.

Health: Base health of the Hero.

Dexterity: This number indicates how often the character will perform normal attacks during turns, higher dexterity can let your character hit enemies more times!

Upgrade Points: Those points are accumulated when upgrades fail. When you reach 100%, upgrade is sure and you will obtain +1 on your hero without any risks.

There are two other things you can find in hero tab:

  • Skill Icons. You can click on the icon to read the accurate description of the skills available for that character, with relative countdown.
  • Items. Each hero can equip three kind of items: weapons, armors, accessories (not available yet). For more info about equipment's click here .

Last info you can find looking at your character is the possibility to being used, both in one Party either in Arena team. You cannot fuse or use for upgrading heroes that are currently in any kind of party!

Remember: if there is a crown in the picture, it means that hero is party leader, and will award a specific bonus (see leadership for more info's). Instead, if you can read the word MASTER, it means you already leveled up to 30 (mastered) a copy of the same hero!