Leveling up Heroes Guide:

Did you newly acquire a new hero, and would like to level him up?

Here are some tips on leveling a new hero!

  1. Keronic Base Mission 7-1 is excellent for leveling up heroes. This stage is simple and easy and gives you high XP.
  2. Keronic Base Mission 7-9, if you have a stronger set of supporting heroes.
  3. Hell Mode and Cucubita have greater rewards including more XP but are more difficult to complete.
  4. Recommend Ghastly Pumpkin Village 8-5 and 8-9 if you have Officer King (Master 3*) or Assassin King (Unique 5*), a good healer with buff removing skills and strong dealers.
  5. Increase Hero’s XP gain by 50% through XP Boosts! (Can be purchased in Shop> Carat)
  6. In difficult maps, turn off the auto mode and manually fight the enemy!
Leveling Tips