Archmage Balthazar
Archmage Balthazar imgur
Skills Lightning Shock
Chain Lightning
Rank 6★ (Legend)

Balthazar seeks ultimate power, he is said to have lost part of his humanity in search of more powerful magic.
— Recruit Book

Archmage Balthazar is a 6★ Dealer and one of the Armon Reinforcements.

Skills Edit

  • Lightning Shock (Cooldown: 60 secs.): Deals 180% attack damage to an enemy.
  • Chain Lightning (Cooldown: 100 secs.): Removes buff from all enemies and deals 40% attack damage.

In the game Edit

Balthazar's viability is debatable. On one hand, he has the distinction of being the only hero with a skill that removes buffs and deals damage to all enemies at the same time. It also has a low cooldown of 100 seconds, a cooldown length he shares with Space Flying Apophis and Anubis the Jackal's buff removal abilities, both of which only remove buffs without any additional effects. On the other hand, however, his low defensive abilities compared to Space Flying Apophis can cause him to be taken down quickly. In addition, the 40% damage will only hit targets that have buffs, meaning that if only one character has a buff, the ability barely does anything. The biggest case of this is against Bignose, whose Evade buff can be removed with much more damage by Nurse Gale. Overall Balthazar is an average hero and can be useful at times, but Gale and Anubis are used more commonly.

Stats Edit

Level 30 Stats +0 +1 +2 +3 +4 +5
Attack Damage 499 548 598 648 698 748
Defense 197 216 236 256 275 295
Health 673 740 807 874 942 1005
Dexterity 20 20 20 20 20 20