Here are all the 5★(Unique) heroes available in Hello Hero so far.

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Picture Name Class Continent
General Harold icon
General Harold Tank The Armon Guards
Sorceress Isis icon
Sorceress Isis Dealer The Armon Guards
Marine Jimmy icon
Marine Jimmy Dealer The Armon Guards
Prince Frog icon
Prince Frog Dealer The Armon Guards
Rocket Lady June icon
Rocket Lady June Healer The Armon Guards
Nikita icon
Nikita Dealer The Armon Guards
Lloyd icon
Lloyd Dealer The Armon Guards
Nurse Florence icon
Nurse Florence Healer The Armon Guards
Maid Mary icon
Maid Mary Hybrid The Armon Guards
Swordmaiden Lilly icon
Swordmaiden Lilly Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Samurai Kojiro icon
Samurai Kojiro Tank The Armon Reinforcement
Ninja Hanjo icon
Ninja Hanjo Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Teddybear Sky icon
Teddybear Sky Tank The Armon Reinforcement
Fighter Ruri icon
Fighter Ruri Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Veteran Ryan icon
Veteran Ryan Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Muay Thai Niran icon
Muay Thai Niran Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Count Toreador icon
Count Toreador Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Kumi icon
Kumi Healer The Armon Reinforcement
Peach from Forest of Fog icon
Peach from Forest of Fog Hybrid The Armon Reinforcement
5star Placeholder Thumb
Imho the Quick Hybrid The Armon Reinforcement
Warrior Rooster icon
Warrior Rooster Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Flashy Mai icon
Flashy Mai Hybrid The Armon Reinforcement
Midfielder David icon
Midfielder David Hybrid The Armon Reinforcement
Sir Galahad icon
Sir Galahad Tank The Armon Reinforcement
Magician Melchior icon
Magician Melchior Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Horadin the Rage icon
Horadin the Rage Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Ghost Sead icon
Ghost Sead Healer Red Mushroom Forest
Fernando icon
Fernando Healer Desert of Sandstorm
Marshal Gok icon
Marshal Gok Dealer Desert of Sandstorm
General Lak icon
General Lak Dealer Desert of Sandstorm
Radon icon
Radon Hybrid Desert of Sandstorm
Ifrit icon
Ifrit Healer Desert of Sandstorm
Ramses II icon
Ramses II Healer Desert of Sandstorm
Anubis the Embalmer icon
Anubis the Embalmer Healer Desert of Sandstorm
Red Cloak Tom icon
Red Cloak Tom Dealer Sweet Cookie Farm
Nabi icon
Nabi Dealer Sweet Cookie Farm
Ghost Kraken icon
Ghost Kraken Dealer Deep Sea Ravine
Assassin Jack icon
Assassin Jack Dealer Wondrous Thornland
Assassin Queen icon
Assassin Queen Healer Wondrous Thornland
Assassin King icon
Assassin King Tank Wondrous Thornland
Assassin Ace icon
Assassin Ace Dealer Wondrous Thornland
Space Flying Tudede icon
Flying Tudede Hybrid Abandoned Advance Base
Spear icon
Spear Dealer Abandoned Advance Base
Asmodeus icon
Asmodeus Dealer Keronic Base
Sad Tommy icon
Sad Tommy Hybrid Ghastly Pumpkin Village
Succubus Diandra icon
Succubus Diandra Dealer Ghastly Pumpkin Village
Stein icon
Stein Hybrid Ghastly Pumpkin Village
Panda Xiu icon
Panda Xiu Dealer Far Far East
Great Plains Beast King icon
Great Plains Beast King Tank Far Far East
Valley Chief Pigsy icon
Valley Chief Pigsy Hybrid Far Far East
Magister Lingling icon
Magister Lingling Hybrid Far Far East
Monk Samzang icon
Monk Samzang Healer Far Far East
Shi Hou icon
Shi Hou Dealer Far Far East
Lycanthrope icon
Lycanthrope Dealer Hero City
Cement Rice icon
Cement Rice Tank Hero City
Dancing Machine Gun icon
Dancing Machine Gun Dealer Hero City
Amazing Lexy icon
Amazing Lexy Dealer Hero City
Stone Ice icon
Stone Ice Hybrid Hero City
Mafia Gapne icon
Mafia Gapne Dealer Hero City
Angel Amelia icon
Angel Amelia Healer Event Hero