Here are all the 3★(Master) heroes available in Hello Hero so far.

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Picture Name Class Continent Mission Loot
Amelia icon
Amelia Healer The Armon Guards
Robin Nottingham icon
Robin Nottingham Dealer The Armon Guards
Isis icon
Isis Dealer The Armon Guards 5-10
Sir Croaker icon
Sir Croaker Dealer The Armon Guards
Lady June icon
Lady June Healer The Armon Guards
Ninja Sasuke icon
Ninja Sasuke Dealer The Armon Reinforcement
Baron Malkavian icon
Baron Malkavian Hybrid The Armon Reinforcement
Ghost Mushroom icon
Ghost Mushroom Hybrid Red Mushroom Forest Onyx 1-4
Queen Sead icon
Queen Sead Healer Red Mushroom Forest Onyx 1-10
Maudry icon
Maudry Hybrid Red Mushroom Forest 1-10

Onyx 1-5,7

Spearman Zik icon
Spearman Zik Tank Desert of Sandstorm Onyx 2-5~7
Soldier Zik icon
Soldier Zik Dealer Desert of Sandstorm Onyx 2-5~7
Fafnir icon
Fafnir Hybrid Desert of Sandstorm Onyx 2-8~10
Sacred Scarab icon
Sacred Scarab Hybrid Desert of Sandstorm
Enraged Mummy icon
Enraged Mummy Tank Desert of Sandstorm
Green Tea Cupcake icon
Green Tea Cupcake Healer Sweet Cookie Farm 3-1

Onyx 3-1~3,9

Mint Macaroon icon
Mint Macaroon Hybrid Sweet Cookie Farm 3-4

Onyx 3-1,3,9

Clove icon
Clove Healer Sweet Cookie Farm 3-7

Onyx 3-4

Infantry Stew icon
Infantry Stew Tank Sweet Cookie Farm 3-8~10

Onyx 3-7

Artillery Stew icon
Artillery Stew Dealer Sweet Cookie Farm 3-8,9

Onyx 3-6,9

Brown Cloak Tom icon
Brown Cloak Tom Dealer Sweet Cookie Farm 3-10

Onyx 3-3,4,10

Fiery Piranha icon
Fiery Piranha Dealer Deep Sea Ravine Onyx 4-2
Mr. Crab icon
Mr. Crab Tank Deep Sea Ravine 4-2

Onyx 4-1,2

Boss Shark icon
Boss Shark Tank Deep Sea Ravine 4-7

Onyx 4-4,5

Godfather Shark icon
Godfather Shark Tank Deep Sea Ravine 4-5

Onyx 4-5

Yellow Yomi icon
Yellow Yomi Dealer Deep Sea Ravine Onyx 4-8,10
Jju icon
Jju Hybrid Deep Sea Ravine 4-8

Onyx 4-4,10

Kraken icon
Kraken Dealer Deep Sea Ravine 4-10

Onyx 4-7,8

Gilbert icon
Gilbert Tank Wondrous Thornland 5-5

Onyx 5-2

Batty Ted icon
Batty Ted Dealer Wondrous Thornland
Tortie Toby icon
Tortie Toby Dealer Wondrous Thornland
Officer King icon
Officer King Tank Wondrous Thornland 6-6,7,10

Onyx 5-5~7,10

Captain Ace icon
Captain Ace Dealer Wondrous Thornland 6-6,8

Onyx 5-5,7,10

Evil Joker icon
Evil Joker Dealer Wondrous Thornland 6-9

Onyx 5-8,9

Queen Rogue icon
Queen Rogue Hybrid Wondrous Thornland 6-10
Mystic Larva icon
Mystic Larva Tank Abandoned Advance Base 7-1

Onyx 6-1

M244 Turret icon
M244 Turret Dealer Abandoned Advance Base 7-4

Onyx 6-4,5

Duric Rayner icon
Duric Rayner Tank Abandoned Advance Base 7-8~10

Onyx 6-4,7,8

Duric Gunner icon
Duric Gunner Dealer Abandoned Advance Base 7-8,9

Onyx 6-4,7

Vaness icon
Vaness Hybrid Abandoned Advance Base 7-10

Onyx 6-9,10

Hellfire Krater icon
Hellfire Krater Tank Keronic Base 8-5

Onyx 7-1,2

Destroyer Schaken icon
Destroyer Schaken Hybrid Keronic Base 8-8,10

Onyx 7-7~9

Destroyer Faust icon
Destroyer Faust Dealer Keronic Base 8-8~10

Onyx 7-4~6,10

Destroyer Listic icon
Destroyer Listic Healer Keronic Base 8-8~10

Onyx 7-5,8,10

Shade Bomber Bat icon
Shade Bomber Bat Dealer Ghastly Pumpkin Village 9-2,8,10

Onyx 8-3

Possessed Jacky icon
Possessed Jacky Hybrid Ghastly Pumpkin Village 9-5,9

Onyx 8-6~8

Ominous Polter-kin icon
Ominous Polter-kin Dealer Ghastly Pumpkin Village 9-7

Onyx 8-8,9

Scarecrow Raul icon
Scarecrow Raul Healer Ghastly Pumpkin Village 9-6,10

Onyx 8-5,6,10

Succubus Gianna icon
Succubus Gianna Dealer Ghastly Pumpkin Village 9-9,10

Onyx 8-9,10

Panda Cub Tao icon
Panda Cub Tao Tank Far Far East 10-1,6~10

Onyx 9-1,2,4,6,7,9

Panda Ning-Ning icon
Panda Ning-Ning Dealer Far Far East Onyx 9-1,2,4,5,7
Battle Dog Kambo icon
Battle Dog Kambo Hybrid Hero City Onyx 10-2,4~6
Dire Wolf icon
Dire Wolf Dealer Hero City Onyx 10-1,3
Mint Pistachio icon
Mint Pistachio Tank Hero City Onyx 10-2,4,9
Poppin' Henry icon
Poppin' Henry Hybrid Hero City Onyx 10-5,6,8
Blueberry Rice Cake icon
Blueberry Rice Cake Tank Event Hero
Snowman Grey icon
Snowman Grey Healer Event Hero